Dead of Night


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released January 13, 2016



all rights reserved


LUGARUX Salem, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Into Darkness
Sever the ties and vanish right into the unknown
No sympathy is what I needed, gonna sink like a stone
lights are flashing, visions jump the tracks in my eyes
but it's fine, you know it happens all the time
nothing new under the sun,
I'm walking into the darkness, oh yeah, and I got no time to be reborn again
don't need no forgiveness, whoa oh, and I just might live to see your face again
don't look for me in all the places where we carried on
I locked up at the end of night, I took 2 steps and now I'm gone
some promise hanging in the air has kept a line on us all
silly me, still believing in some destiny
cutting loose I had to fall, falling into the darkness
oh yeah
cuz I chose that path of ancient dreams again
Track Name: Falling Leaves
The black shapes coming closer, none can deny the trepidation
And don't it make ya shiver, the way they're swimming in the sun?
Now the ravages of time will have their say
And the treasures that we found within the Season of the Dog
Must lie beneath the hills, Season of the Dog
Gleaming for the lost, oh yeah
Dormancy and delusion, as blood retracts and metal rusts
Borders emulsified, the chaos spreads sensation's lost
Summer cannibals are freezing in their tracks
And the fires that we tended in the Season of the Dog
Must whisper in the dark, Season of the Dog,
Dreaming in the dusk, oh yeah
Silence is coming, torn up from within
The dragon has taken flight, taken the thunder with him
You know it's still ringing, so loud in our heads
The phantoms are fading out, leading us on into the night
Track Name: Freak City
Warriors can eat their gruel, cuz they got that constitution
Dynomite, now you're dying of fright, it's a savage violation
Priests and kings need all the rings to symbolize their power
Immortality and fame, dissembled on the hour, yeah
yeah yeah
Look at you, just a'payin the dues, like you're living for the movies
I wouldn't fault your lust for life, it's just your taste don't really move me
Well, I'm on the run inside my mind so you know I'm going nowhere
But when they excavate this tomb someday, they'll see the silver laughter running down the wall
yeah, yeah
Maniacs keep makin' moves far beyond their jurisdiction
Now you've tasted their debris, stay tuned for blackened absolution
Priests and kings need all the rings to consecrate their darkness
No philosophy of pain will raise your sights above these city walls
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Whoa!
Track Name: Wheels Within Wheels
It's only been a moment since I heard that whistle blow,
Racing down those hallways in the night
Thunder in the blood by now you'd think that I should know,
Nothing I can do in here's ever gonna save my life
I believe I can walk away
Turn, turn, to another day
Bleeding in the headlights of a Thunderbird, well-armed,
Dying nonetheless with nothing gained
Stagger to the mountains as hooves split the floor,
The game is interrupted by wardens screaming, "isolate him!
Well I fear he's infected now,
Shut the locks, turn, turn, 'til you hear that sound!"
You can't be caught in numbers if you know your ways around,
You leave each operator spinning out
Dreams may supernova, and tactics run aground
Stumbling through the mire, you think you're just passing time
But I Know this Eternal Flame
Turn, turn, 'til you feel the same